{*Best*} Truth or dare questions for boyfriend over text

Truth or dare questions over text

Truth or dare for boyfriend over text: For every teenager, playing a private game is just a lot of fun and adds much more to the excitement. Well if you have a boyfriend, and you wish to do something funny and interesting with him then it is the time for you to think a little more innovative! Have you thought about playing truth or dare questions for your boyfriend over text?  Well asking random questions to your boyfriend is just a foolish thing to do and if you wish to spice it up then what you have to do is to play a game. The Truth and Dare questions for bf is just one for the teenagers to play and when it comes up, you can just make private conversation with the truth or dare questions for boyfriend over text!

truth or dare questions for boyfriend
truth or dare questions for boyfriend

How to play the Game?
The best part of playing the game is playing at night- possibly you can have a random chat with your Boyfriend! Indeed, there may be much truth or dare questions over text which boys cannot turn the answer in front of you and would prefer it by text! Not only this but to get something fun out, you can play the game at any time by asking him the truth or dare questions over text with boyfriend. Preferably by phone, you can text your Boyfriend to know him more or even to get something spiced up between you and your partner!

Well, you have to make sure that you spice up the game by choosing the right truth and dare questions for boyfriend. If you just simply ask him very easy and boring dare over text, he might not find it interesting. Make sure that you give challenging dare questions for boyfriend over text and see if he can make it up to you or not.

Keep reading to know more about truth or dare questions to ask your boyfriend over text.

Truth or Dare With Boyfriend

Well, playing this truth or dare with boyfriend over text is seemingly interesting and takes your relationship to a totally new level. By asking your man dares over text, you can check if he is capable of doing them all or not. You can even ask truths for boyfriend over text and see if he answers all your questions correctly and with all the truth or not.

Here are some truth or dare questions that are given separately for you to play truth and dare questions for bf. This truth and dares for your boyfriend over text will amp up your relationship and keep it steady and healthy for a long time. Make sure that you choose either the truth for boyfriend over text or dares for boyfriend over text at a time. Do not give only dare questions for boyfriend since it might not help in keeping the game on. Assure yourself that you are looking out for good truths for boyfriend over text as well and not just focusing on the dare for boyfriend over text.

Truth Questions for Boyfriend over Text

There are many truth questions for boyfriend over text that you can ask him! However, to help you out with some of them you might take the suggestion for either the truth or dare questions to ask your boyfriend or the truth questions for boyfriend over text of many different search engines. Well, if you are still confused with some of the truth or dare over text with boyfriend, then just follow here to know more about the truth questions for boy over text:

1. Anything there for you to confess to me before I get to know it personally?
2. Have you ever dated with any girl before meeting me?
3. If I tell you that I cannot be pregnant ever then what would you do?
4. If I feel boar stay with you how would you make it interesting?
5. If I see that many people are offering me, love, more than you- Why should I still stay with you?
6. Is there any incident you never want me to know because it will hurt me?
7. What is your priority in Life that you cannot stay without?
8. Have you ever watched an adult vulgar movie alone?
9. What would be the first thing coming in your mind if I say that I am breaking up with you!
10. Is there any fantasy which you wish to share with me?

Good Dares Over Text

The fun game begins when you ask dare questions for boyfriend amongst both the truth or dare over text with boyfriend. Keeping a balance is essential when it comes to playing a game like truth or dare for boyfriend. Well, just like the good dares over text, you also have to make sure that you choose good dares over text for your boyfriend.

Giving challenging dares for your boyfriend makes him want to do them even more and prove to you that he can do them no matter what. Look out for good dares to ask your boyfriend on various search engines and see if he can do it or not!

Here are some dares for your boyfriend over text – Readout till the end.! There are some really interesting dares to give over text. These ideas to give dares for bf are quite interesting that you can try out while playing the truth or dare over text.

1. Send me a picture of yours without your shirt!
2. Share your feelings about me in Facebook
3. Propose me like something never before!
4. Do something which will satisfy my anger!
5. Get some ice cream for me right now!
6. Give me a commitment about our relationship infront of the whole world!
7. Make me feel something about you which nobody else can give me!
8. Take me out for a long drive now!
9. Call anyone from your parents and share them about our relationship!
10. Give me a memory now that I can always cheer about in future!


More good dares coming soon..

Ideas for Truth or Dare Questions for your Party {Cool ideas*}

Truth or Dare Questions for your Party : Have you thrown up a party at home this Sunday? Well! Here’s how you can spice up the party. Play Truth and Dare game with your friends and make your party a rocking one. Yes! It will definitely spice up your party but for that you need to have some Wild and Crazy Truth and Dare questions ready with you. It can simply test out the honesty and the boldness of your friends. The game is quite popular among the teens and the adults and thus you can easily play this game with your friends.

For how to play truth or dare questions you can refer from wikihow



Here are few Bold and Crazy Funny Truth or Dare Questions for your Party!


Truth Questions for your Party:

Truth questions are there to judge how loyal and honest your friends are. Truth questions can also help you in understanding and knowing your friends better than ever. Some truth can even open up some unknown facts about your partner or friends which you never thought of! Check out these awesome truth questions for your party to turn on.

  1. What is your best sexual experience that you want to share?
  2. Is there any lie to your partner? If yes, what is that?
  3. What is your weirdest habit?
  4. Have you ever got humiliated with something or by someone? If yes, explain what happened and how you felt!
  5. Is there any disgusting joke you have ever played with someone?
  6. Have you ever peed in a pool?
  7. Which of the people who are in this game, believes it has lately deteriorated their physical appearance: his body, his dress?
  8. What is your Worst kiss ever?
  9. What is the weirdest thing that you have done in your life?
  10. Have you ever done role playing? What role do you like to play?

Dare Questions for your Party:

Dare questions are much important for a party to spice it up. It is the golden chance to make your friends do whatever you want. I guess no one will want to miss this golden chance. So get set with your bunch of fun, wild and crazy dare questions to make your party spice up. Well! Here are few dare questions you can opt for!

  1. Send a text to a random person by closing your eyes
  2. Use your teeth to paint your toenails
  3. Without touching your partner, turn him/her on
  4. Sing and dance in the street like crazy.
  5. Very affectionately kiss another participant (the rest can choose whom).
  6. Act like a monkey until it is your turn again.
  7. Post an embarrassing picture of yourself online.
  8. Order a pizza or takeout delivery to a next door neighbor.
  9. Walk around the party with your bum hanging out.
  10. Do a death scene, out of nowhere, as dramatic as you can.

To make the party more interesting you can definitely try your hand on some adult and dirty Truth and Dare questions but only if your friends are comfortable with those type of questions.

Funny Truth or Dare Questions For Whatsapp

Funny Truth or Dare Questions For Whatsapp : Whatsapp has become a favorite channel for every social media addicts to get in touch with each other. But does Whatsapp have any other thing to do other than chatting around? Well, playing games on Whatsapp can also be much fun and if you are willing to get something better then why not make the whole concept of chatting around much more exciting? Yes, the game of truth and dare is very much exciting for every teen and when it comes for you to play it and text at the same time; you can also participate with Funny Truth or Dare Questions for Whatsapp.

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Funny Truth or Dare Questions For Whatsapp


Truth or dare questions whatsapp


How to Play Truth or Dare in Whatsapp?

The game acts in an easy way and can be between two people or a group of individuals in the same chat. Well, you may not get a bottle to play with or to select the participating players in each round; you can still opt for the quicker way around. Randomized options for playing the game will give you the best advantage to play the game. The best thing to do is to arrange the number of players according to the serial number and then clutter it up! So what you have to do is give the challenges to the people around you.


Funny Truth Questions for Whatsapp

The set of truth questions in a WhatsApp game may be of different types. But to make the game much more of fun as well as something to go for you can select some of the Funny Truth Questions for WhatsApp. Well, if you are willing to make the game much more fun and exciting, here are a set of questions which may help you:


  1. Did you ever have a crush on anyone?
  2. Name five people who you hate and why you hate?
  3. If anyone people were living alive on the planet, who would it be- You or Your GF?
  4. What is the most embarrassing moment you have ever faced till date?
  5. Is there any secret you never want your parents to know?
  6. If you had a last wish what would it be?
  7. What was the biggest trouble you have created for another person?
  8. Have you ever called your Best Friend with any slang?
  9. Is there any teacher you have a secret crush?
  10. Have you intentionally got someone into some trouble?


Funny Dares for WhatsApp

When it comes up for a Whatsapp dare, nothing can be more funny and embarrassing. So if you are willing to make the game full of fun and happy, here are some awesome dares for you:

  1. Pick the first initial of the person you like and update a Whatsapp status.
  2. Make a funny picture of yours in the profile.
  3. Make a video of your own and then share it with me!
  4. Scratch your hair and click a picture instantly!
  5. Drink one bottle of soda in almost 10 seconds and then upload the video!
  6. Confess to the world about the woman\man you love.
  7. Propose a girl and then give a screenshot for it.
  8. Change status of Whatsapp and make my name after it!
  9. Go to the nearest store- order some food and run away!
  10. Upload the most embarrassing moment of your life as a status.

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{*New} General Truth or Dare Questions For Teens, Boys, Girls

Truth and Dare questions is one of the most interesting and fun game at any place whether it be a party or college, or any other occasion. In this game, some will be nervous, and some will be excited about their turn, and some will always be praying to God to skip their turn. Any questions will be asked to the person whoever has his turn, and the job of others is to make uncomfortable with their questions.


Truth or dare questions


Truth Or Dare Questions

In some parties these days, the management is planning this event way before the event and will promote the event. With this planning, they keep the questions ready which are to be asked while the event goes on. If you are organizing an event or a party, you might well know about the people you invite and plan the questions accordingly so that they should be able the questions, however, don’t make them as easy as a kids play.

There will be a person who always try to put into some sort to trouble with his/her questions. However, you need to keep your calm and tackle whatever the question is and whatever the task is if you choose your option as a dare.

Also, remember that your answers and tasks should not be boring to others which are the most important thing while playing truth or dare anywhere. Because, if the other person feels your answers/activity as boring it will spoil the entire party or event and disturbs others too. So, always feel comfortable to perform the task or question you were asked removing all of your embarrassment from the mind.

In this article we will guide yourself through some of the most asked good Truth or Dare questions or event which will be helpful to you:

Truth Questions

1. Mention your life’s most embarrassing moment till date?
2. Name your crush- the strongest will be preferred?
3. The weirdest thing you have ever eaten?
4. Do you ever rob something?
5. Which thing fears you the most in night times?
6. Quote, your strongest dream since childhood?
7. If you are left with only 24 hours to live in this world. What are your dreams to fulfill?
8. Open up about your love?
9. Have you ever been in love with a teacher, at least attraction would be appreciated?
10. Suppose You were given a chance to be invisible for one full day. What would you like to do?

Dare Questions

1. Enter any random number and prank them.
2. Handover your mobile to the person beside you and ask him to text anyone from your contacts
3. Play your favorite song and dance on the floor.
4. Sit on someone’s lap your love the most here for one minute
5. Bite a lemon slice
6. Act like a dog for the next couple of minutes and get some objects same as how dog picks them
7. Get into someone’s table and sing a nursery rhyme
8. Behave like you are in a nightmare laying on your bed
9. Eat something without help of your hands
10. Speak for a while with an inactive object


So, I hope you liked the 10 collection of truth or dare questions listed above. More questions are here in this blog do read those. You can also share these questions on fb, whatsapp with your close friends group.