Funny Truth or Dare Questions For Whatsapp

Funny Truth or Dare Questions For Whatsapp : Whatsapp has become a favorite channel for every social media addicts to get in touch with each other. But does Whatsapp have any other thing to do other than chatting around? Well, playing games on Whatsapp can also be much fun and if you are willing to get something better then why not make the whole concept of chatting around much more exciting? Yes, the game of truth and dare is very much exciting for every teen and when it comes for you to play it and text at the same time; you can also participate with Funny Truth or Dare Questions for Whatsapp.

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Funny Truth or Dare Questions For Whatsapp


Truth or dare questions whatsapp


How to Play Truth or Dare in Whatsapp?

The game acts in an easy way and can be between two people or a group of individuals in the same chat. Well, you may not get a bottle to play with or to select the participating players in each round; you can still opt for the quicker way around. Randomized options for playing the game will give you the best advantage to play the game. The best thing to do is to arrange the number of players according to the serial number and then clutter it up! So what you have to do is give the challenges to the people around you.


Funny Truth Questions for Whatsapp

The set of truth questions in a WhatsApp game may be of different types. But to make the game much more of fun as well as something to go for you can select some of the Funny Truth Questions for WhatsApp. Well, if you are willing to make the game much more fun and exciting, here are a set of questions which may help you:


  1. Did you ever have a crush on anyone?
  2. Name five people who you hate and why you hate?
  3. If anyone people were living alive on the planet, who would it be- You or Your GF?
  4. What is the most embarrassing moment you have ever faced till date?
  5. Is there any secret you never want your parents to know?
  6. If you had a last wish what would it be?
  7. What was the biggest trouble you have created for another person?
  8. Have you ever called your Best Friend with any slang?
  9. Is there any teacher you have a secret crush?
  10. Have you intentionally got someone into some trouble?


Funny Dares for WhatsApp

When it comes up for a Whatsapp dare, nothing can be more funny and embarrassing. So if you are willing to make the game full of fun and happy, here are some awesome dares for you:

  1. Pick the first initial of the person you like and update a Whatsapp status.
  2. Make a funny picture of yours in the profile.
  3. Make a video of your own and then share it with me!
  4. Scratch your hair and click a picture instantly!
  5. Drink one bottle of soda in almost 10 seconds and then upload the video!
  6. Confess to the world about the woman\man you love.
  7. Propose a girl and then give a screenshot for it.
  8. Change status of Whatsapp and make my name after it!
  9. Go to the nearest store- order some food and run away!
  10. Upload the most embarrassing moment of your life as a status.

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